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Garage Door Cables Repair

When your home overhead garage door cables keep coming off, contact our company in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. When we service cables, we also check adjacent parts. Sometimes, a problem with the pulleys or torsion spring might lead the cable off its drum or track. At Garage Doors Port Coquitlam, we are qualified, updated and trained technicians. Call us as soon as you feel there is a problem with your Port Coquitlam garage door cables. We can fix, but also replace them and make sure the new ones are installed properly.Garage Door Cables Port Coquitlam

We fix and replace garage door cables quickly

Overhead doors consist of many parts. A problem with one part might reflect on another. If the torsion spring shaft is worn or fasteners are damaged, the cable drum might not be well-secured. This problem might lead the garage door cable off the drum. Whether the problem is with another component or the cable, let us fix it. We come equipped and prepared to repair loose cables or replace them if they have snapped. There are extra cables in our trucks for most residential door types and sizes. When our technicians are installing garage door cables, they also check if the second cable has come off and if the door needs leveling or adjustments.

Need to replace the garage door broken cable today? All cable issues are fixed the same day you call. If the cable is not properly wrapped around its drum, the spring won’t be able to lift the door or bring it down. Cable problems might keep the door from shutting well or cause it to jam. Rely on our same day garage door cables replacement and repair work. Our company will take care of any cable need in timely fashion. And the most important thing is that our technicians offer quality services. We will never leave before checking that the door opens and closes all the way, both cables wrap and unwrap around their drums properly, and the door is balanced and leveled. Let us take care of your garage door cables in Port Coquitlam today. Call our team now.

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